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Construction and Maintenance Services:

Sewer Camera Inspections 3" to 36" (mini-cam includes locating abilities)
Catch Basin/Sand Trap Cleaning
Construction and Excavation Assistance
Root Cutting and Grease Removal
Sewer and Storm Line Jet Rodding
Tunneling (under sidewalks, ramps, and curbs)
Specialized Trenching (around house foundations, tanks, and unknowns)
Sensitive Utilities Excavation Using Hydro-excavation
Commercial and Residential Water/Sewer Line Repairs
Emergency Services 



Underground utility infrastructures are becoming more and more congested and complicated as they compete for limited space to accommodate ever increasing demands. Consequently, safety, as well as financial concerns have also increased as exact vertical

and horizontal locations of utilities are being demanded for design and construction.

Using non-destructive water and vacuum technology, we can quickly, safely and

economically excavate in areas inaccessible to conventional digging equipment - even in sensitive areas such as around high pressure gas, high voltage electric, and petroleum refineries.

A hydro-excavator works by using high pressure water to break up the soil.  A powerful vacuum removes the loosened soil and transports it to a holding tank where it is stored

until it is used for backfill or hauled away for disposal. The excavator can create small

holes (8"-10") in diameter to positively identify the location of existing utilities or dig

"slot trenches" to whatever length is necessary in heavily congested areas. Most utilities

are located within 4-5 feet of ground surface and can be safely exposed within 10-15 minutes depending on soil conditions. While this is true for many utilities, Iron Horse

Vac’s hydro-excavation rigs have the ability to dig holes to over 20'deep to find even

the most difficult utilities.


Advantages of Hydro-Excavation over Hand Digging



Applications of Hydro-Excavation


Our solid waste facility is licensed by the Department of Ecology


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